Transitioning to the Cirrus Aircraft

What is a Cirrus?

     A Cirrus is the most technologically advanced general aviation aircraft on the market to date. Along with the CAPS parachute system, Beverly Flight Center’s 2015 Cirrus SR20 is equipped with Garmin Perspective G1000 along with sythetic vision, GFC700 autopilot, dual AHRS, 60/40 flex seating (seats up to 5 passengers), and tons more! Transitioning to the Cirrus aircraft is made a very easy process at Beverly Flight Center. We have four Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIP) and are working on training more flight instructors to become TCI’s (Training Center Instructors). We follow a strict sylabus provided by Cirrus which will make your transition a breeze.


Training will consist of both classroom sessions on the ground as well as sessions in the aircraft. Our Cirrus instructors will sit down with you one on one and get your account with Cirrus set up to get your training sylabus and things needed to cover during your Transition training. We will then train you in the aircraft for a minimum of 10 hours that will consist of different types of takeoffs, landings, G1000 procedures, taxi techniques, and more. Cirrus has specific standards for transition training that we follow by the book which will make you very proficient in the new aircraft.

The flight training will be conducted in our 2015 Cirrus SR20.