Dave Savage

“I had a dream when I was a young boy and I worked hard to live that dream.” – Dave Savage

Dave first became interested in aviation when he watched Aeronca Champs and Piper J-3 Cubs doing take off and landing practice at Revere Airport, in 1949 at age 7. He joined the Civil Air Patrol when he was 14 and started reading as much as he could get his hands on about Aviation. At 15, Dave got his first ride in the back seat of an L-16 (Aeronca 7AC). A few months later, he took his first lesson from Rod Gorham at Revere Airport. Since then, Dave has logged between 24-25 THOUSAND hours in over 180 different models of aircraft. He has flown as slow as 15 mph in a hang glider, and faster than the speed of sound in an F11A Tiger. Very few people in this world can truly say, “I had a fantastic professional career.” But Dave is one of them.